Garden Design Process

Visit 1: Seek To Understand
Visit 1: Seek To Understand

Cedar Garden Design process - step-1

Visit 2: Presentation
Visit 2: Presentation

Garden Design Process - Visit 2

Visit 3: A Detailed Plan
Visit 3: A Detailed Plan

Cedar Garden Layout and Planting - Visit 3

Visit 4 Onwards
Visit 4 Onwards

Cedar Garden Creation - Visit 4 Onwards

Visit 1 - Garden Design

Seek To Understand

Contacting a Garden Designer is a big step so we try to make it inspiring and worry-free.  We don't charge for our initial consultation so that you are free to decide if this is the right decision for you. We will take the time to look at all the possibilities and gain an insight into the character of garden and landscape you prefer.

If you feel comfortable and decide that you want to take the next step then we will carry out a Garden Survey to determine the garden aspect, dimensions, slope and key features.

We will also take a series of photos to help us with the design process and provide points of reference during further telephone calls to discuss any key areas or garden features.

Visit 2 - Garden Design Process


We have already taken the time to understand your needs with our first visit and subsequent conversations so we use our second visit to present a sketch plan of our interpretation of your desired garden.


We will also use this visit to show various options on a "Mood Board" that helps develop our understanding of your dream-garden.


This is very much an interactive process and helps clarify the aspects of the design process you would like developing further.

Visit 3 - Garden Layout and Planting 

A Detailed Plan

This is where the whole process takes shape with our presentation of a scaled drawing of your garden, any sculptural or design features and a detailed planting plan to help you see how your dream garden will change with the seasons and years as it matures.


We will also give you a detailed synopsis to help transform the garden of your imagination into a physical reality.

Visit 4 Onwards - Landscaping and Overseeing the Garden Transformation

Garden Creation

If you would also like us to take care of the transformation process then we have a specialist team to help with the hard landscaping, installation and planting of your garden.


Alternatively, we will be happy to advise you and provide any necessary assistance.

Cedar Garden Design were unbelievably helpful and creative in suggesting ideas and we are absolutely delighted with the finished product. The standard of the work carried out was exceptionally high and the workmen were really friendly.

 Peter Murphy

Newcastle upon Tyne

“Kathryn of Cedar Garden Design transformed the front of our house with exquisite planting, paving and lighting. When it is admired, we have to concede that we can take no credit!

Her design and attention to detail exceeded expectations, and together with her entusiam and efficiency, make a winning combination.”

Lesley Atkinson

Newcastle upon Tyne